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We’re Rosie and Hafiz Khandwala and we are specialists in sugar based hair removing products abd wecreated Sugar StripEase after years of experience in the hair removal world. In fact, we created the original sugaring hair removal product for The Body Shop, which for 20 years was a global bestseller.

We established the business in 1988, with the aim of developing a completely natural range of skin care products that are free of artificial additives and are environmentally friendly. We have strived to use centuries old traditional eastern recipes in our formulation, with ingredients that are pure and wholesome. Our products are suitable for Vegans.

We have a proven track record of having supplied "sugar wax", both as our own brand, and as a contract supplier for over 17 years.

We have marketed to the professional industry (for use in beauty salons) and to the retail sector, and have been at the forefront in the development of this type of product in the UK.

We have a strict policy against animal testing and are approved by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV).

We hope you enjoy the site, if you have any queries or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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