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Aqua Natural brings a time-honoured sugaring product to a practical and modern method of depilation. Aqua Natural, a water soluble depilatory, for safe, simple and effective removal of unwanted hair.

Aqua Natural is completely natural, formulated from pure sugar syrups. There are no harsh chemicals, artificial preservatives or colourings in the formula, so it will not irritate even the most sensitive skin.

At no time are the ingredients or the finished product tested on animals. As Aqua Natural is water soluble. Spillages are easily removed from clothing, towels, floors etc, simply by washing with warm water. No new training or equipment is required, Aqua Natural looks like warm wax, is applied like warm wax, and is as effective as warm wax.

Aqua Natural is currently being used by a number of beauty therapists and also in Neal's Yard and So Organic therapy rooms.

Prices start from as low as £ 4.00 per 500g jar!  Please contact us to order.

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