Why did it not remove all the hairs?

  • This would be due to the application of the product being too thick.
  • The strip was not smoothed down long enough for the hair to adhere.
  • The strip was not pulled in a parallel direction.
  • The hair length was not long enough for the product to grip

There was a tug while pulling the strip?

  • This would be usually due to skin preparation. Either the skin was not completely free of oil, moisturiser or was still damp. The dampness will be absorbed into the product causing it to pull smoothly.
  • The skin was not sufficiently talced
  • It’s advised not to use a substitute like corn starch instead of regular talc, the reason being if there is any moisture on the skin the starch powder will form a film and will not be effective.

The product changed texture?

  • This is the product due to the product being left without securing the lid. Sugar will absorb moisture from the atmosphere resulting in the product losing its efficacy.
  • To rectify this try placing the jar on a plate put in the microwave for in 20 seconds intervals till it gets to slightly liquid form. Leave it to cool it should be ready to be used. (We ask with caution this to do this as sugar syrup can get hot).

How to warm in the wax warmer?

  • Different warmer will have different settings. We advise warming the full jar on a medium setting (for e.g if the setting is between 1-10 then we suggest keeping it on 7) once it starts getting soft turn it down to 2 this will keep the product warm enough for a full day of treatment.
  • You can also microwave the jar for a few seconds depending on how much product is left and then place the jar into the warmer on a low setting.

How do I overcome double dipping the spatula?

  • We suggest that have any empty clean jar and a pour sufficient amount that you require for the treatment this will save you from throwing the spatulas.

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