Aqua Natural Jar (500g)

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Aqua Natural brings a time-honoured sugaring product to a practical and modern method of hair removal. Aqua Natural, a water-soluble sugar wax, for safe, simple and effective removal of unwanted hair.

Aqua Natural is completely natural, formulated from pure sugar syrups. There are no harsh chemicals, artificial preservatives or colourings in the formula, so it will not irritate even the most sensitive skin.

At no time are the ingredients or the finished product tested on animals. As Aqua Natural is water-soluble spillages are easily removed from clothing, towels, floors etc, simply by washing with warm water. No new training or equipment is required, Aqua Natural looks like warm wax, is applied like warm wax, and is as effective as warm wax.


  • It is natural and registered as vegan (by The Vegan Society) and cruelty-free (by Cruelty Free International).
  • The product is biodegradable and water-soluble.
  • Much more environmentally friendly from a waste standpoint.
  • Allows customers to put tights, jeans, and sweaters back on after treatment without the discomfort of the clothes sticking to them.
  • No post use product required
  • Our strip sugaring reduces the risk of ingrown hairs.
  • Can treat the same area multiple times.
  • The one product is suitable for use on all areas of the body and for sensitive skin
  • It works on the toughest hairs as well as wax.


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