Aqua Natural Starter Kit


Aqua Natural Starter Kit gives you everything you need to provide the best quality treatment for your client.

Aqua Natural Strip-Sugaring is our uniquely formulated sugar paste. Made from just sugar and water it is easy to use and incredibly effect whilst being ethically and environmentally conscious.

Aqua Natural Pure Fine Talc prepares the skin perfectly by removing any moisture which allows the sugar paste to stick to the hair better.

Aqua Natural Soothing Mist is the ideal way to finish off a treatment. Designed with calming agents and wonderful smelling essential oils, it will also remove any of the tackiness or residue allowing clients to put clothes back on with ease.

Aqua Natural Starter Kit provides you with ethical and optimal hair removal treatment for your customer without needing additional training or nasty chemical based pre and post oils.


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    I’ve wanted to bring sugaring into my salon for years but I’m too busy to master another skill. When I met Rosie at a trade event I was delighted to see a sugar based product that can be used like my just warm wax: I bought a starter kit and tried the products on a few of my particularly sensitive waxing clients, with fantastic results! The wax applies smoothly, removes hairs faultlessly and has reduced post-waxing erythema to virtually nothing, plus it leaves no sticky residue. I’m converted x

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