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Aqua Natural is created to make life as easy and simple for therapists whilst having all benefits a client deserves. One of best things about it is that it is water soluble, making cleaning up any residue or mess very easy. Our post-use Soothing Mist is the ideal way to finish a treatment. Made from spring water, witch hazel and bergamot, it is designed to not only clear up any residue or tackiness swiftly but also adds a wonderful calming sensation to the skin. No more need for post wax oils.

Ingredients: Spring Water, witch hazel, bergamot, polysorbate-20


A bit about the ingredients

A litte bit about Bergamot: Bergamot is a citrus fruit whose rind is used for extracting the Bergamot Essential Oil. The scientific name of bergamot is Citrus Aurantium var. or Citrus Bergamia. It is a tropical plant, but thrives in Europe as well. Its powerful aroma makes it a popular component in many perfumes. One of the most common applications that you may not be aware of is its use in black tea. The inclusion of bergamot essential oil in regular black tea is then given a different name – Earl Grey!

The health benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil can be attributed to its properties as a deodorant, antiseptic, analgesic and disinfectant. (

A little bit about Witchazel: Witch hazel (which has the species name Hamamelis virginiana), a type of plant native to North America and parts of Asia. It is a member of the Hamamelidaceae plant family and sometimes also called winter bloom. The leaves and bark from the plant are used to make a skin-healing astringent capable of naturally reducing acne, blisters, insect bites, poison ivy and much more.

The most popular use for witch hazel is on the skin. It has strong antioxidant and astringent properties which are perfect for killing bacteria that live in the skin’s pores. This stops cellular damage that can prevent signs of aging. (

For more information on the benefits and uses of essential oils have a read through Balance Me Beautiful’s list.




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